Our company provides services in area of implementation corporate software solutions, professional consultation, training, leading of international and national projects, optimization of processes and software adaptation along with programming and developing own solutions.
We provide many-years' experience in setting up integrated information systems mainly in car industry (automotive) and in the whole related supply chain.


  • We offer a support and a guidance with an implementation and optimization of business and SW solutions in the area of car industry and in the related supply chain.
  • We solve issues related to electronic communication (EDI) within the "automotive" sector.
  • We'll help with the internal and the external logistics and with the manufacturing management and planning.

IBM iSeries (AS/400)

  • We offer a support with IBM i server administration. We'll train both an administrator and a user. We'll solve the agenda connected to server administration.
  • We programm for IBM i too.
  • We'll help you with a providing of the HW and SW financing including the financing of services connected to implementation projects on the IBM i platform.
  • We'll provide a server rental or its dedicated part for your projects.


Guidance and consultation

  • We solve implementation and maintenance of ERP (MRP) systems, especially Infor ERP XPPS / Xpert. We'll help you with choosing the right software. We'll analyze the current status of the business processes with you and we'll build an optimization plan.
  • We'll train both key and end users, not only in czech language.
  • We'll help you with controling international SW projects.
  • We'll programm interface between ERP and a third SW (manufacturing management, accounting, warehousing,...).
  • We'll push the company ERP system to the mobile world of your users.
  • We'll process the ERP data to the form suitable for analysis.

Output management

  • We'll implement the company "Output Management" for the company outputs administration.
  • We'll train your users and administrators.
  • We'll provide the documents saving in the PDF format and their sending via e-mail according to adjustable logic of recipient's address acquirement.
  • We'll support you in company documents archiving.
  • We'll make the printing of barcodes and 2D codes on labels and stickers of your logistics process easier.